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The closest airport to Alanya is around 140km. away in Antalya, this commute takes around 2 hours. There is a new airport in Gasipasa, it is eastimated to be ready in the spring of 2012, and this will cut off around 1 hour of the commute.

Beach and bathing:
The sun is very strong, this is why you must remember sun screen at all times, especially when you go to the beach. Remember plenty of water, preferably bottled because the local water has different bacteria then what you would be used to in the northern part of Europe.

The main occupation is tourism and growing bananas and other bruits and vegetables.
Yearly there is produced: 740.022 kg bananas, 2.433.901kg Oranges, 8.491.248 kg tomatoes and 16.651.693 kg cucumbers.

Most international creditcards are accepted. And there is plenty of ATM’s around the Alanya area.

Every year in December there is a huge Christmas market in Alanya harbor.

Tyrk lirasi(TL). 1 euro is around 2.33ylt. You can change your currency in a lot of places to acceptable rates. Often you find the best rates at PTT and in the banks. Credit cards are accepted in most places apart from the markets. We recommend using cash.

This is the name of the minibuses that primarily drive around on the main roads of Alanya

We recommend Doctor Asuman Caylar – You can find her on www.altomalanya.dk

The city is around 5km. long

Wine prices are somewhat similar to what is seen around most of Europe. Some of the wines in Alanya are undrinkable; we recommend buying the Angora wines e.g. in the Migros supermarkets. It can be found on sale in Metro for around 10ytl per bottle.

The standard that is used in Alanya is 220 volt. If you have any plugs with 3 legs(ground), you will need an adapter to be able to use this, the sockets in Alanya are usually only with 2 legs. Once in a while in the winter the electricity may have downtimes, but most of the time it’s not for long.

Aquapark offers an opportunity to swim with dolphins, it might also be fun to visit one of the go cart tracks and drive some laps with your friends. The radio cars in the harbor area are also a fun way to spend some time. Last but not least it’s a great experience to take a boat trip from Alanya harbor.

A meal is typical around 20-45ytl. A bit more expensive in and around the harbor and in centrum Alanya. But if you visit the smaller streets and alleys, you can get lucky and find an exceptional food experience which is very affordable.

We recommend that you visit the Belgian restaurant BIZ. Take a turn at the BP station near the city sign located between OBA and Tosmur. Then take another turn after the soccer/football fields, short hereafter take a left. You are now in front of BIZ. In addition they also offer take away e.g. great soups.

Alanya has 3 hospitals. Most Europeans tend to use the private hospital called Anadolu Hospital, or the local Baskent Hospital.

Most of the hotels have wireless internet connections. If you are in need of a wireless connection, the café in the middle of the Alanium shopping center can be recommended.

Known for:
Alanya is known for the Kleopatrabeach, the old fortress and a lot of activity in the city. Apart from that it’s known for the 300 days of sunshine every year.

Turkish, many people in alanya speak English and German not fluently but enough that you may understand eachother. Apart from that you get a long way with a smile and a positive mood.

It is possible to find a market everyday threw the week, in and around Alanya. These are always worth a watch, it’s a fun experience to go see these, a part from that don’t forget to visit the Markets halls in the middle of Alanya.

It is customary to tip the waiter 10% of the bill.

In Alanya there is around residents 250.000 in all of Turkey there is around 70 million.

A pharmacy in Turkish is called “eczana” and is found everywhere in the city. The opening hours are usually between, 9.00-20.00; although there are some that are open 24/7.

Postal /post office:
In Alanya the postal service is called PTT and it’s yellow. PTT office is located in the middle of Atatûrk Boulevard. Here you are able to send mail, buy stamps and change currency.

A bottle of 1.5L water is priced around 1-2ytl depending on where you but it, a cup of coffee is around 2-3ytl. If you are looking for a bargain compared to home, you should take a look at gold, leather clothing, carpets and clothes.

Approximately 99% are Muslim. The Turkish people are generally laidback about their religion and since the reforms of Atatûrk in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the religion and state has been separated.

You can visit Alanya the year round, but the main part of the season is from May to November.

Travel tips:
DO NOT MISS a Turkish bath, a real Turkish meal or the beautiful view from the fortress on top of the mountain. Rent a car and take a trip to the mountains around Alanya, you will never regret it.

In Turkish “Taksi” – There are always a lot of taxis around, most of them use the taximeter, and a few don’t specially at night. If they do not use the meter, it is often a good idea to agree on a price before taking of. If you need to go to the fotress or DImCay, it may be a good idea to use a taxi, they are often very good guides and you can always achieve a fixed price.

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