Planning ahead is worth it

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It is worth planning your visit to the many tourist sites of Turkey because overcrowding and very high temperatures can ruin the experience.
Normally it is best to go in the morning as the number of visitors and the temperature are lower.
If you are planning to take some beautiful shots for the holiday photo album, the position of the sun as it travels from east to west is worth thinking about. Photos taken against the sun will often be overexposed by sunlight and therefore of little use.
Please notice that only cash is accepted at the sights.
Finally, make sure you do not give yourself too tight a schedule - things often take more time than expected. It is sometimes better to be flexible, to allow more time in one place than originally intended or to make unplanned but nonetheless interesting stops on the way.
Always remember to take drinking water, sunscreen and a hat.

All we have left to say is have a very pleasant trip!