Ephesus is known to be the one of the Ancient Wonders of the World and is the best preserved ancient city in the Eastern Mediterranean. Needless to say Ephesus is visited by many tourists in the years and is even planned in the cruise itinaries for the cruise liners visiting Kusadasi.
Ephesus was established to be a major sea port and was built at the mouth of the Menderes River. It used to be one of the most important commercial centres in its time and has had its fair share of inhabitants such as the Croesus and the Persians, and the influence of the Ionians who created the Anatolian Fertility Goddess Artemis, whose temple the 7th wonder of the world can be seen to this day. When the Romans eventually took the city, Artemis became Diana and Ephesus became the Roman Provincial Capital. The Roman city got larger and its population grew to around 250,000. They were short of nothing a large Library of Celsius, roman baths, gymnasium and the Great theatre seating 25,000 people. The Great Theatre is still used to this very day for concerts and performances.
St John and the Virgin Mary supposedly settled in Ephesus along with St Paul who lived in the City for 3 years and laid the roots for the beginnings of the Christianity belief.
Despite the fame of the cult of Diana, Ephesus soon became a sizeable Christian congregation.
Unfortunately despite efforts in saving Ephesus the sea was forced back to Pamucak cutting off the sea supplies and making the city decline. By the 6th century AD when Emperor Justinian was looking to build a basilica for St John he chose Ayasuluk Hill in Selcuk which became the new city centre.

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