Buying property in Turkey – tips and ideas

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Are you considering buying an apartment in Turkey? This guide will give you a brief introduction to the market give you some advice.

As property buyer in Turkey you have a unique chance to learn the Turkish culture first hand and experience Turkey as the fascinating country that it is.
The history dates way back and everywhere you find evidence for the exciting history.

Before viewing

First consider the following. That will make choosing a lot easier.
Apartment, penthouse or villa?
Number of bed rooms?
Number of bathrooms?
Situation? Close to the sea, mountains or close to the city center?
Do you want to rent out your property?

Practical preparation
The viewing might prove a little demanding!
You will be visiting construction sites and therefore may be walking over uneven surfaces and/or sand, so practical footwear and comfortable clothes are a good idea.
Remember it is always better to ask too many questions than too few.
The tour will be between three and five hours long.
Remember always to discuss the more formal details of property purchasing so that you will know exactly what to expect when you proceed with the purchase.

After buying
Make sure that your estate agent has a professional setup regarding the administration of the property since the property must be registered at the local authorities, insurance must be made and the title deed issued.
Some estate agents offers online administration of the property allowing you to see the status of the property and for instance administrate rental online.

Security is everything
Finally remember that security is everything. Do not accept to pay out stage payments unless seller can guarantee the down payments until the title deed is issued. Seek professional advice from established estate agents or local attorneys specializing in foreigner’s purchase of real estate in Turkey.

Furthermore always use your common sense, take positive answers for what they are and not more and finally remember that between people in each country there are differences in the mentalities.

Good luck with your search for your dream property.

A more comprehensive guide can be ordered her: