Why Turkish food is world class

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When the best cuisines in the world are judged it comes as a surprise to most people that Turkish cuisine has been rated as one of the three great cuisines of the world, along with French and Chinese.
However, if you take a look back in time, the explanation for the extraordinary Turkish food is more understandable.

It was during the 500 years of Ottoman rule that Turkish culinary skills were developed.
Access to fresh ingredients was easy and infinite varieties of fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables and a countless number of spices were used.
At the same time many people from different cultures settled in the country and this brought further inspiration to the cooking.

Among other things found by archeologists was a board from ancient times and the various signs and symbols thereon have been deciphered to reveal a kind of cook book with a list of familiar ingredients and spices.

All this is ours to enjoy today! Turkish specialities are numerous and certainly worth a try.