More kinds of kebab

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The kebab that you may be familiar with is probably not the same as the traditional kebabs found in Turkey.
You may know of two or maybe even three kinds of kebab. You definitely will not have had the choices that you will get here in the kebab's homeland.
Turkish people love kebabs and they eat them as a snack or a main meal.
Kebab is marinated meat. Here is a list of the most common varieties:
Dönerkebab: Grilled pieces of beef, lamb or chicken which are placed on a half dürüm/pancake bread together with salad, onions and spices. Very good, cheap takeaway.
Iskenderkebab: Same ingredients as the dönerkebab. Served on a plate with yoghurt and salad.
Adanakebab: Comes from the large Turkish city of the same name. Spicy minced beef on a swordlike skewer grilled.
Siskebab: Large pieces of beef, lamb, or chicken on a skewer grilled with pieces of red pepper.
Auberginekebab: Meat and aubergine/egg plant on a skewer grilled.