Registering for School in Turkey

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There are now many foreign residents in the tourist areas of Turkey and it is not always easy to acquire the correct information on important matters like schooling. Noted below are the basic requirements for enrolling a child from another country in a school in Turkey.

1. At least a 6 months residence permit – obtained from Police Station of the city you are residing in.

2. ID card/passport from own country

3. Family details e.g. Father and Mother’s names, date and place of birth

4. Must accept that the education is only in the Turkish language

5. The schools have to follow the State system and syllabus. Fees for one year start from approx 3,000 euro including everything – education, books, food etc. OHEP provides Turkish lessons for non native speakers. At time of making your enquiry more detailed information will be given on the fees etc.

6. Information from previous schools regarding the educational standard achieved so far is essential. This will need to be translated to Turkish and approval as to which class the child goes into will come from the Education Ministry .

7. At least 2 passport sized photographs

Remember that photocopies of all documents noted will be required.
Although the private schools may give Turkish lessons, it is a much better idea if the child has already learned some Turkish before starting school. It is usually the case that the authorities will place a child in a class lower than in their home country as they feel the child’s Turkish is not good enough to understand the lessons. Especially in primary schools there are very few teachers who speak a foreign language.