Royal Architect Sinan

Royal Architect Sinan was born In Ağırnas village close to kayseri.
İn 1511 during the time of Yavuz Sultan Selim of İstanbul he joined the Egyptian journey as an architect. Then in 1521 became a janissary for Kanuni Sultan Süleyman's. In 1538 he became the ottoman empires head architect.
The development and maturing stages of Sinan can be marked with three major works.
His first work been Prince(shahzadah) mosque which he called his apprentice work. His 2nd work during 1550-1557 was the Süleymaniye mosque. The Süleymaniye mosque has been with self expression the most splendid work. His Master art has been the Selimiye mosque in edirne.
In total Sinan was the architect of around 360 structures. With most of his work in and around İstanbul.
Unfortunaely Sinan died on the 17th April 1558.
He died in 1558 and is buried in a tomb of his own design, in the cemetery just outside the walls of the Süleymaniye Mosque across a street named Mimar Sinan Caddesi in his honour. He was buried near the tombs of his greatest patrons sultan Süleyman and his wife Haseki Hürrem.




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