Myndos Gate

Located on the west side of Bodrum at the far end of Turgutreis Caddesi, Myndos Gate is one of the two entrances of ancient Halicarnassus. This is the only surviving gate and it was part of the town’s wall. The gate is named after the place Myndos because it faces the ancient Myndos place now known as Gumusluk.
The walls were originally 7km long and probably built by King Mausolus in the 4th Century B.C today only parts of the wall remain.
In 333 B.C The soldiers of Alexander the Great had a hard time trying to get through this gate to take the town of Halicarnassus many of them drowned in the moat in front of the gate. By 334 B.C the soldiers had captured the city and destroyed all buidings except the Mausoleum.
The gate originally had three towers described as “Tripollion”, the middle part of the gate is totally destroyed but ruins from the other two parts still exist and consist of huge and heavy square stones.
Excavation work has been carried out and they expect to find more remains underneath the rubble of 17 centuries.




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