The Ancient Amphitheatre

The Ancient Amphitheatre in Bodrum is an important structure of a bygone era which is cut into the rocky hillside overlooking Bodrum. It was built during the Carian reign in the Hellenistic age (330 – 30BC) with seating for approximately 13,000.
Like all ancient theatres, it is made up of three main parts: the Skene (stage), the Orchestra (half-oval part) and the Cavea audience seating. This theatre is one of the oldest in Asia Minor and dates back to the time of Mausollos.
Some of the seats are inscribed with names probably those who had helped to pay for the theatre – just like today!
The theatre lies on the Bodrum to Gumbet road and is used for concerts and shows during the high season. It is well preserved and definitely worth a visit.




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