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Shopping is a delight in BODRUM!
Shopping through the narrow streets of Bodrum between the white walls of the local buildings is one of the pleasures you must try.
There are shops selling everything at reasonable prices and you can always remember to barter with the shop assistant and get an even better price.
The Turkish crafts make it impossible to resist buying. The most popular items for the holiday maker are of course carpets, the varied leather, copper and bronze wares, silver and gold, handicrafts and embroidery, and of course the famous Turkish meerschaum and onyx are on many peoples' lists.
If you’re really looking for a bargain head towards the markets where you can pick up an excellent buy. On market day, Bodrum is taken over by a warren of stalls and shops, selling everything from jewelry to CD's, Rolex watches and 'real' name brand clothes. You can spend hours wandering the narrow streets looking at the goods. It’s an experience not to be missed.
If sophistication is more your style then shopping can also be a luxury in the marina at Milta Karada Marina or the Oasis Centre, spending well earned money on the designer labels in Diesel, Polo Garage and many more well known shops.