Explore Bodrum by night

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It is said that Bodrum is second only to Istanbul, when it comes to amusement into the late hours or even the early morning hours.
Bodrum’s nightlife is more sophisticated than Gumbets and there is always something for all tastes and styles such as Rock, Hip-hop, Latino, Bell dancing, and the ‘Meyhane’, which is a typical Turkish bar where they play or sing old classical songs.
After enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants, you can continue on to the exciting bars and discos that are on the opposite side to the marina. Some of the popular places are: Küba, Helva, Fink etc….
If you continue along the seafront path towards the centre of Bodrum, and continue by the mosque, you will arrive in a maze of streets. This place is full of bars including the well known Adamik Bar, no wonder it is called BARSTREET and everybody knows it.
But there are also nightclubs and discos, all blaring with music during the night.
If you are looking for a private pub crawl to find your favourite place, why not try: Hadigari, Yetigari, Red Lion, Rock bar, Ora bar and White house etc. And yes the list goes on.....
Something that is different here in Bodrum is a catamaran that is a disco on the water. It takes you out on the sea for a party cruise, but notice that it might be difficult to get off board before it enters harbour again.
And finally, I must emphasise that if you are in Bodrum you should let yourself loose and party at the Halicarnas disco. It would be a shame to say that you have visited Bodrum and not gone to one of the worlds most foremost disco’ nightclubs! It is an experience that you must see for yourself!