Labranda the City of Zeus

Labranda was a Carian city. Set into a steep hillside in an area that supplied Mylasa with its water. The city was a holy area of Zeus and his temple and a religious centre which was connected by a sacred road. This road was used for releigious processions 13km long from the Carian city of Mylasa (Milas).
Labranda became a sanctuary to Zeus. The temple of Zeus is the most important relic of this ancient site and was used for the place of pilgrimage.

Labranda was also known to have a sacred pool of fish adorned with earrings and necklaces. These fish were thought capable of making YES or NO prophecies by accepting or refusing food offered to them after question.

Abandoned around AD 1000, Labranda never grew any larger than a village, leaving today’s ruins with an intimate atmosphere. Labranda is well worth the bumpy ride to get there and to be escorted around by the Turkish caretaker.

A beautiful place to go to, well worth seeking out.

From Centre: 50 – 60km
Turkish name: Labrayanda