Built in the 5th Century B.C. by the pelopolonnesians from Argos these Ruins are surrounded by the sea on its three sides. The village was chosen for its protected harbour.
Iasos was originally built on a hill at the tip of the peninsular. Today a sleepy village is set amongst the tumbled ruins of an ancient city.
Outside the city walls once busy in its days the fish market performed its daily tasks. It now houses the museum which holds the village’s most interesting ruin, a monumental Roman tomb.
The hill above the port is covered with ruins, including a walled acropolis fortress, agora, gymnasium, a basilica, a roman temple of Artemis Astias (AD190) and numerous other buildings.
The present village only dates from 1929. Before that, it was a Greek farm. Today it is famous for its olive groves and cheap and abundant fish, like in ancient days.

Opening Hours: 08.30am – 7pm Summer
Payment: Small charge involved
Turkish name: Iasos (Kiyikislacik)