Bodrum’s beaches

One is certainly spoilt for choice for beaches around the Bodrum peninsula. Below we list brief descriptions of the well loved spots which are all easily reached by dolmuş, which run from the main bus station in Bodrum town and are very cheap.

BITEZ beach is just over the hill from Gumbet and can be reached quickest by taxi. Like Ortakent, its village is 2 Km inland from its sea front. Bitez is a quieter beach than Gumbet but hosts cafes and restaurants. The water is shallow and the area is very sheltered, therefore very popular for windsurfing and other water sports.

ORTAKENT village is in the center of the Bodrum peninsular. However its beach lies 3 km south of the village which can be reached by dolmuş. The beach provides a long stretch of sand with water sports facilities, numerous restaurants and hotels. The water there is nice for swimming as the bottom drops off quickly.

TURGUT REIS is recognized as a town rather than a village. It is the second largest settlement on the peninsula. Turgut Reis has a very good sandy beach but it is not sheltered so water sports are not available here. It is named after the 16th Century Turkish Admiral, Turgut Reis. It hosts a weekly bazaar on Saturdays.

GÜMÜŞLÜK is a peaceful village and is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula, definitely worth visiting. Gümüşlük retains its charm as building work is restricted in an attempt to protect the ancient site of Myndos which lies mainly beneath the village. Part of Myndos lies underwater and can be seen by snorkeleres.
Also here is a small island called “Rabbit Island” which can be reached by wading through the water. Locals raise rabbits on the island and later sell them in markets elsewhere. The sandy beach to the west of the village is good for sunbathers and there are some very good restaurants in the village that specialize in fish.

BAĞLA offers one of the best opportunities to escape the bustle of many of the more conveniently located beaches in the immediate Bodrum area. The beach house is one of the best sea side restaurants offering delightful simple Turkish cuisine. This combined with the fresh water spring situated a short walk above the beach makes Bağla an ideal choice for those wanting a bit more privacy.

TORBA is situated in a protected bay in the gulf of Gulluk on the extreme north coast of the Bodrum peninsula. Numerous jetties are supplied for sunbathers and plenty of restaurants are scattered along the sea shore.