Oy Finnmatkat Ab järjestää vuosittain noin 245 000 valmismatkaa ja se on Suomen toiseksi suurin matkanjärjestäjä.

50km west of Antalya is the Beydaglari mountain range in all their fine glory.

Güneş Hotels are welcoming you to this beautiful Mediterranean town; to inspire you to have the holiday that you drea

Approximately 70 km east of Alanya is a coastal road leading to a coastal village of Günay and the historical City An

Even that most advertisement about Alanya claims the opposite the sun does actually not shine all the time.

The upper Düden Water Falls are found 12 km from the city centre of Antalya.

Turkish name: Sac Kebabi

Often hotel standards in Turkey are better than similar hotels in other tourist destinations.

On the road to Elikesik, about 12km north east of Alanya, you find the remains of the ancient city of Hamaxia.

Turkey has a lot more to offer than what is found in the typical tourist places.

If you have already visit Dim and Oba rivers where you can go in Alanya when the unbearable July and August hot weath

For a newly arrived tourist there are many things that may seem different and confusing.