Yalan Dünya ( The False World) Cave

The Yalan Dünya cave is situated about 1065 meters above sea level and 2 km away from the Gazipasa - Anamur road on a mountainside next to the Beyrebucak village. The cave was opened for visitors in October 2010, after the completion of a recreation area, parking lot, teahouse and an entrance gate.

A small path leads to the two entrances of the carstic limestone cave, the distance between them is about 100 meters. The deepest point of the 250 metre long cave is 27 metres down from the highest entrance. One of the dome-shaped mouths, being about 8 by 6 meters wide, leads us to concrete stairs descending at 40 degrees and 17 meters down into the cave. After the descent we arrive in the larger chamber which is 92 meters long and 67 meters wide and has been provided with tables and benches to rest the feet. A 10 meter climb takes us into a smaller room which, in turn, leads to a 30 meter shaft. This partially vertical, partially horizontal shaft reaches the deepest part of the cave.

In addition to marvellous stalactites, stalagmites and rock columns, the cave is also known to contain plenty of cave pearls, fossils and ceramic fragments. If one goes till the very end, they might also encounter bats!

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 ( Everyday)
Payment: Cash
From Centre: 6 Km
Entrance Fees: 5 TL
Turkish name: Yalan Dünya
Region: Gazipaşa




10 km of southeastern to Gazipaşa City Center