Buying jewels has money advantages

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It is well worth buying gold in Alanya. The price of gold is the same all over the world but there is a big difference when it comes to the cost of manufacture.
Therefore the jewellery shops in Alanya always offer gold at better prices than those at home.
The gold sold in Alanya is from the gold market in Istanbul and mainly originates from South Africa.

The different gold alloys are:

22 carat: 91.6% gold and stamped 916: A soft alloy which is used for chains and rings but never together with gems.

18 carat: 75% gold with the stamp 750: A harder alloy that is used together with gems.

14 carat: 58.5% gold and stamped 585: A hard alloy that is often used for chains and earrings.

8 carat: 33.3 % gold and stamped 333: An extremely hard alloy.

The followings materials are used for alloy:
Platinum: Is used for normal gold.
Silver: Is used for white gold.
Copper: Is used for red gold.
Brass: Is used for normal gold.
Nickel: Should be avoided because of allergies.

In Turkey diamonds are not normally used - instead brilliants are very popular.
The brilliants come from Europe and their quality can be measured by the four C’s:
Cut: up to 56 cuts on the round and 64 cuts on the square.
Carat: 1 carat is the same as 0.2 gram of brilliant.
Clarity: the clearness of the brilliant.
Colour: white is best.

The quality of the stone, judged by the four C's, combined with the craftmanship is reflected in the price.

Other gems worth mentioning are:
Sapphire: Coming from Kashmir and blue in colour.
Ruby: Reddish stone from Burma.
Emerald: Coming from Colombia and green in colour.