This is why many buildings are only half finished

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When you as a tourist arrive in Alanya you might wonder why there are so many half finished buildings in the area – buildings where the construction work seems to have stopped.
Many believe that the reason for this is that in this way the owners can avoid paying property taxes. This is not correct though. In Turkey tax is paid as soon as you move in.

There are several reasons for the many half finished buildings:

1: From May until October it is prohibited to build in tourist areas. This is to avoid noise which might bother the tourists.
The construction of a building is often not finished in only one winter. Alanya is under constant development and the construction of new buildings is started every year.
2: Many Turks build their own houses. Building materials however are pretty expensive and a bank loan is not an option because of the high interest rates.
This means work ceases on many buildings for a while until there is money for the next phase.
The high interest on loans is caused by Turkey’s inflation.