Turkey gets the best marks by holiday guests

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100.000 danes have given their marks to their holiday resort. Using these the tour operator Star Tour – a part of TUI – has gathered a top ten list with the best on which both Alanya and Marmaris is found right in the top.

Still more and more families with children wants to come back to the same place in the following year, if they have been happy of the hotel and the area – and this is the case for most tourists in Turkey.

In general the popular travel destinations are characterized by by places where you can seek individual experiences without having lots of other tourists around you all of the time, states the sales director of Star Tour, Stig Elling.

The level of prices also has something to say and when people get value for one's money on the destination then it is also experienced as a great holiday.

Therefore the market for holiday homes like before is attractive in precisely Turkey, where you can get a holiday home for a few tens of thousands euro. A villa with perfect view over the Mediterranean can be acquired for about a hundred thousands, explains real estate agent Bo Thygesen, who experiences a growing interest