Nightparty in Kestel

You can hardly believe your own eyes, when you see the results of the project where the hardworking people are starting to perform. As the name suggests it, limits it to Blivi crazy and i år Alanya/Kestel, if you are into partying. The nightclub is open only 8 km. from Alanya center, and is in fact one of the few places that are allowed to stay open for at. 03.00. Right now they toil out there to get everything ready for the month of April, where the season really starts in Alanya.

Construction has already lasted for more than a year, but now it really looks like a disco,which is going to pull all tourists from Alanya's nigthlife. The nightclub is located on the first row out to sea with an amazing view. From nightclub upper terrace you have a views all the way to the promontory where Alanya'S beautiful landmark castle is located. If one turns 180 degrees the other way, there will be overlooking the beautiful Taurus mountains.

Crazy Bull will be housing 1000 – 1200 people. The nightclub is built in several levels. Base ground under the open sky, there will be a big dance floor, a large illuminated bar and fine high tables. The upper terrace will be a VIP area with nice couches, overlooking the sea and the whole disco basement. In addition to their outdoor, you will find 3 storey indoor disco. On the lower floor, with direct access to the large outdoor dance floor, you will be able to get into a cool area with attractive surroundings. Moving up a floor, get into the disco indoor bar area where they currently. is starting to paint 3D Pictures on the walls. On the top floor indoor, you will find DJ who keeps the party going, and some nice couches you can sit and enjoy yourselves.

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