Couldnt resist the temptation

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The first time I visited Alanya was in June 2003. Since I was on holiday with my family I hadn't planned to go out in the evening. However, when we saw the discos and the nightlife, my sister and I couldnt resist the temptation.

When we came down to the harbour, where almost all the discos and bars are situated, it was overwhelming. There is a whole street filled with just bars and discos.

The atmosphere was absolutely fabulous and music came from every direction. The whole street was taken over by happy people in festive mood. I was really overwhelmed and soon we were caught up in this atmosphere and couldn’t avoid wanting to party.

As all the discos are very tempting, choosing is very hard. Entrance is free and you don’t have to show any ID. It is therefore quite easy to move from disco to disco. The price of imported drinks is similar to home while local beverages are cheaper.

All the discos close at 3 o’clock. After that there is a free bus service to an even larger disco outside the town. I have never seen such a big disco before. There is marble everywhere and there is also a swimming pool. Everything is outdoors except the dance floor which has been built with columns around it, giving the impression of a Greek temple. It was a totally wild experience.

As we were very impressed by Turkey and the hospitality, we decided to go to Alanya again in the spring break. Because our previous experience had been such a success, my sister and I went out again. There were not as many people as in the summer but definitely we had just as much fun.

So this summer we have decided to go to Alanya again – and definitely we will be going out.