The Story Behind The Garra Rufa Fish

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A new fish spa has just opened in Alanya, where the Garra Rufa fish is the therapist. In the following, you can read the story behind.
Garra Rufa is specie, which has been living in the rivers in Turkey for thousands of years. Garra Rufa is also known under the name “doctor fish” due to its ability to cure certain skin problems such as hard skin cells or psoriasis. The treatment with the fish is known in Turkey for more than 400 years.
Skin treatment, where the therapist is fish, was invented in Turkey, where the fish is living in hot water pools. The fish has developed a unique ability to feast on the dead skin cells on the feet from people taking a bath in the pools. One out of many stories tells about a shepherd, who put his wounded foot down in the water, in order to clean it. The fish started their spread and cured the shepherd foot. After this, the rumors spread all over the world.
The Garra Rufa fish has no teeth’s, but they can suck the dead skin in a careful and and pleasant way, leaving your feet nicely relaxed and comfortable.
The treatment takes place in an aquarium containing 250 liters of water. A couple of hundred doctor fish will provide the service for your skin. All in all it takes an hour.
The water circulates through filters and uv-ligths, removing foreign organisms, which is unwelcome. This secures a maximum of hygiene and good water quality for guests as well as fish.

Doctor Fish And Garra Rufa Fisk
The Garra Rufa fish is also known as the doctor fish, and is best recognized in the western part of the world, as a treat against psoriasis. But this is not the only ability of the fish. Also on athlete's foot, children’s eczema, asthma eczema and acne are the results of the treatments positive.
The latest years it has become more and more popular to use also the Garra Rufa fish for wellness, and as an alternative way to remove dead skin cells. You can either have all of your body under water in a bath, or you can have your feet and half-length of your legs dipped. The more dead skin cells you have, the more interested the fish will appear. It´s therefor important, that you don´t treat your beforehand, since the fish then will lose interest in you. You simply serve them a poor lunch.

There are different species named doctor fish, but it is only Garra Rufa, which is toothless, and therefor sucks the dead skin cells away, at the same time releasing enzymes, which slow down the fast cell division in your under skin. The treatment is fully harmless and without pain. It feels as a mild tickle.
Fish Spa Point is located at Migros at the east beach, right in front of the mini golf course.