I Love My Bike

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Luckily Alanya is an amazing place to ride your bike.

Just don't forget that you as a bicyclist in Turkey are as welcome on the roads as an rodeo bull in a china shop.

But don't take it personal, since Turkish drivers in general considers everyone and everything else than themselves on the roads as NOT welcome.

Be prepared for avoiding the guy in the old Tofas coming towards you on a one-way road, the young guy with fancy hair driving his pimped BMW playing disco music while totally ignoring the red lights as well as everything else motorized that comes sneaking in on you from your left, right above or below.


Interestingly the same kind of thing is happening on the sidewalks, where bicyclists are sending hateful looks towards the pedestrians while they slalom their way between strollers, street sellers, kids, tourists and young couples walking peaceful hand in hand.

This brings us back to our initial remark about Alanya being a fantastic place to ride your bike. Just remember to take good care of yourself and of course others.

5 Tips to your bike ride in Alanya

- Always wear a helmet, even if you are just going for a short ride
- Use the pedestrian zones when crossing the road (And yes, you should push your bike - not ride it)
- Always pay extra attention to cars driving from the side roads out onto the bigger roads. For some reason they tend to always drive out in front of you.
- It is commonly accepted to ride your bike on the sidewalks. Just remember that you as a bicyclist are a guest on the sidewalk, so be careful and keep distance to all pedestrians.
- Lock your bike when leaving it.