The Dolmus buses have retired

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The days of the Dolmus buses in Alanya are over. This popular means of transport has been replaced by public buses that have taken over most of the routes in the small streets. This is the result of a Council decision that forbids private bus transportation in Alanya.

All over Alanya new bus stops are appearing. The local bus drivers also stop outwith the official stops - you just need to signal to the driver. However to be certain that the bus will stop, it is recommended you use the official bus stops.

The public city buses run between 7am and midnight and the price is approximately 50 eurocent. You pay cash to the driver and it is best to have the correct fare ready. Children pay only half price. Other than that, there is no discount system.

The Dolmus bus station still exists and the Dolmus buses that drive to destinations outside Alanya wait here. They normally do not use the main street through Alanya but drive around the by-pass.