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Anatolia is meant to be one of the 2-3 countries of the wine in fact. There is grape, vineyard, and wine in this land for almost 5000 years.

Historians point out Middle Anatolia as the motherland of the wine and estimate the date 3000 B.C. Since then mankind produced wine, decorated their tables with wine glasses and shared their desires with wine... When it drunken in right time, place and portion; wine healed, restaured the drinker... But it made regret a thousand times who doesn’t know how to drink wine... Because there is a receipt, a special way both for making and drinking wine!..

It is the joy of meals, cure for the low tension and lack of appetite... A little is useful but plenty of it can be harmful... Before and between meals it helps increasing appetite and digesting.

It is preferred to drink red wine with warm served red meat and variety of cheese besides white wine goes better with cold served white meat and fish meals. Wine is also a very important component of tourism. The wine experts select the best vintage of the year for producing wine. Wine is prepared observing the seasonal differences. The differences in taste and sourness appear with the effect of the temperature, soil, wind and sun.

According to experts not all wines get a mature taste by passed time. The quality of the taste also depends on the passed season.

To produce wine; first grapes are collected from the yard, after mashed, afterwards ferment (which naturally exists in grapes) combines with the grape sugar and step by step consuming the sugar it turns into alcohol. Ferment also brings out the evaporating CO2. When the fermentation is finished grape juice turns into wine. Grape wines can be red, white and rose (pink). Also there are sparkling wines. Wines produced apart from grapes called “fruit wines”. Wine can be produced from any fruit but most of the wines produced from grapes all over the world.

Wine... The oldest of all alcohol drinks... The nobility of the grape, the magical nights of the vintage... The drunkenness refines while growing old...