Holiday food is cheapest in Turkey

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Turkey is the cheapest place in Europe when you as a tourist buy groceries in a supermarket, writes the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Tourists who buy in supermarkets save more than 50 percent compared to back home.

The investigation has been carried out buy guides from the tour operator Spies who placed 22 known everyday necessities in the shopping cart in six different countries.

Lea and Niels have their own holiday home in Turkey and they confirm this fact. We enjoy cooking in our own kitchen and the raw materials are just perfect. Vegetables and fruit cost a fraction of what they costs back home. On the market we can get one kilo of cucumbers or tomatoes for a few eurocents, the couple explains.

Most of the times the couple cooks at home in their kitchen, but they also take pleasures in going out to eat, where the prices are equivalent low. They can among others recommend Sulu Yemek (Zulu Jemek) which is delicious readymade warm lunch dishes. You can have plenty to eat for just 7 Euros and then there is also included a beer to the meal and you are guaranteed a really great culinary experience