12 Kemer, Dim Cay

Calm and cool in a green spot
After a long winter, it's a delight to watch the ornamental trees explode with a profusion of colorful blooms. We have a peaceful place called "Çardak" which you can rest in the shade while drinking your coffee.
Even though it is very hot in the center of Alanya, you will find cool and colorful garden here.


Refreshing in the calm and clean water...
Two times daily we are controlling our pool with the modern system of analysing the quality of the water. If necessary we can immediately add all needed chemical adds but we always try to save our environment by using as less chemical products as possible. We want a healthy nature and naturally grown plants so we always watch the area from the ecological point of view.


Traditional Ottoman way...
If you like the old fashioned and traditional Ottoman way in taking a meal, please enjoy our Ottoman corner next to the garden. Enjoy your delicious Turkish meal and drinks and afterwards smoke a water pipe together with your friends in the traditional way Ottoman people would have done. We are used to organise Balley dance and other activities for groups as well.


Looking for the perfect place to dine?
The "12 Kemer" at the Dim River offers the best alfresco dining in Alanya. This hidden oasis —the poolside restaurant and bar– offers flavourful Mediterranean and good traditional food surrounded by a "secret garden," complete with the soothing sound of Dim River.
Even though you are not very hungry, stop in for a quick, delicious lunch, snack, coffee or ice cream at 12 Kemer.

Payment: cash og creditcard
Pick-up Service: 6 pax
Specialities: Tyrkish food




Baraj Mahallesi 12 Delik önü No:52 Dimçay

Phone number: 

0 242 518 11 11

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