Taurus Mountains

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Immediately behind Alanya the Taurus Mountains rise to a peak of 3,500 metres. The highest mountain nearest to Alanya at 1,649 metres is the Cebelireis east of the town.

The deciduous and coniferous trees, deep valleys, mountain streams and waterfalls make the Taurus Mountains an incomparable site of natural beauty. Melting snow feeds the rivers and streams till mid June.

Behind Alanya a road leads to the Türktas plateau (known as Yayla in Turkish). In the summertime the rich Alanya people, and now more and more foreigners, try to escape from the heat of the town to their luxury villas. During the weekend many local families enjoy having a barbecue in the forest shade. Nowadays the old Turkmen resting and picnic areas are adapted to restaurants.

A bit further away from Alanya are the uplands where every spring, just like centuries ago, whole villages pack up and move from the valleys to the mountain tops. There on the plateau, at approximately 1,000 metres, they breed goats and produce butter and cheese as well as carpets and tapestries. These carpets are knotted as in the olden days. Instead of the usual nomad tents small compact houses are used which are easy to lock up in autumn and left deserted during the winter.

The Taurus Mountains are of course also popular with tourists! Village tours show the interested visitors the natural beauty of the area and bring them closer to Turkish culture. Jeep or Quad safaris and Enduro tours are a favourite with the more adventurous traveller!

One of the most popular attractions with tourists and locals alike is the charming fish restaurants scattered along the mountain streams. Tables and chairs are placed in the cool clear water. Guests are able to eat wonderful fresh trout whilst their feet are soaking in the stream!

There are many alternatives in the northern surroundings for those who find the weather too hot or are bored by the beaches of Alanya.