Syedra was probably one of the most important cities of Roman origin in the Alanya region at the time.

About 20 kilometres east of Alanya, a signposted road leads north to the ancient city of Syedra. The road goes 3 kilometres uphill, across a school playground and ends below the ancient city. From here on you need stout walking shoes to climb up to the centre of the city, although you do not need to have mountaineering experience! The bath house is in quite good condition and the marble slabs and fallen columns on the main street show past riches. A very good cistern system indicates the huge importance of a water supply, even in those days.

In one cave you can see the remains of wall paintings. Maybe the most interesting find from Syedra, a mosaic depicting a fisherman and fish, is on show in the garden of Alanya’s museum.

Enjoy the wonderful view from Syedra over the sea and coast with its many banana plantations. You can also see at the beach a small natural harbour below Syedra. It is not difficult to imagine that this could have been the sea port for Syedra. Nowadays small boats and school classes use it for their swimming tours.
Syerda was not a really famous city in ancient times but there are always some tourists who are interested in the ancient methods of building. As Syedra is quite near to Alanya, it makes a lovely excursion destination and a good break on the way to the more eastern bays.

Martin Bernhart