Enduro Tour to the Spring of Dimcay

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Turkey has a lot more to offer than what is found in the typical tourist places. Fantastic nature and highland is one of them and here comes one of our experiences on off road motorcycles.

On rented bikes with full insurance we start the day with driving from Alanya along many bendy roads via Obaköy and in the direction of the mountain villages Akcati and Üzümlü. Beside the road lies an open field, perfect for us to get use to the way of handling the enduro motorcycles. The standing up position is not usual in normal traffic but on streets without asphalt it becomes a nice advantage for the balance on the bike.
After this “training break” we continue on asphalt and some dirt roads in the direction of Dimalacaami, the village where the Dim River starts, about 40 km north east of Alanya. Here the dirt road is ending and a narrow trail begins only fit for walking. We leave the bikes and continue on foot. Ahead of us is about 1,5 km of trekking which is actually comfortable having been on the motorcycles for many kilometers.
During the month of March till the end of May, Dim cay is formed by a great Waterfall which we can hear 1 km away ! It’s a great view and definately worth the effort!

Sweaty from riding and climbing the spring water is a nice refreshment for us, the water is clean and drinkable but a swim in the natural pool is much too refreshing for us. (untill June it’s ice melting from the mountains).

On our way back we pay more attention to the villages and stop to talk and take pictures of the local people after asking for permission. As we have digital cameras after the pictures are taken we show the pictures to the locals so much amusement for them. We head a different way back and cross the dim river and continue the ride over Gümüşkavak around the Celebris mountain in the direction of Mahmutlar and stop for a short visit to the ruined city of Laertes.

Over Mahmutlar we enjoy another nice enduro trail back to dim cay where we enjoy fresh Trout fish in a restaurant – a perfect end to the day.

The complete distance of the tour is about 100 km. There are all possible (and impossible) road conditions so a light and small off road motorcycle is the ideal choice of vehicle. A 4WD car is also a possibility, but to reach the spring of the dim cay by mountain bike you need a very good training regime ;o)