Antiocheia and Cragnum

Approximately 70 km east of Alanya is a coastal road leading to a coastal village of Günay and the historical City Antiocheia and Cragum.
It is beleived that The Komagene King Antiochus IV created this town in the first century after Christ. At this time it was in the province of Kilikia!
Historical writing shows that Antiocheia and Cragum was inhabited until at least the Byzantine Period!
On the half of the island it is seperated into 3 diffrent parts it is a little like the historical castle walls of Alanya and has a similar location – as the name is describing – on steep rocks of a half island.
Outside the Fortress are ruined colums of the old Agora and the old city gate can still be visable .
The view over the ruins and the expanse of banana fields on the hills surrounding the historical city is really impressive!
There is unfortunately limited swimming possibilties even on the coastline. To reach the possibilities it involves a hard climb, which people tend to pass on.
It is highly reccommended that the beaches between Dermitas and Gazipasa 25 – 35km east of Alanya are more catered for sunbathing and swimming.