Set off east from Alanya towards Gazipasa and beyond. Enjoy the wonderful scenery and coastline whilst travelling towards the old city of Anamurium near Anamur. The road climbs through terraced banana plantations that lie close to the cliffs, with pine forests and small houses clinging to the hillside. The views are fantastic for their beauty and also the opportunity to see remnants of Hellenistic, Byzantine and Seljuk periods.

About 130 km east of Alanya and a few kilometres south of the main road over a bumpy track, lie the ruins of Anamurian. This was a great Phoenecian trading city situated on the southernmost tip of Asia Minor. It was never resettled after it fell to the Arab corsairs in the 7th century. The ruins perch above a pebble beach. You can make out a vast cemetery with domed tombs, several churches, old houses and the public baths with some original wall decorations and mosaic floors.

A little inland is the sprawling town of Anamur. Recently a cave was discovered in the foothills behind the town which reputedly cures asthma!
About another 7 km east of Anamur is the moated Memure Castle with one ‘foot’ in the Mediterranean Sea. It stands close to the main road and is a labyrinth of crenellated walls and towers. This castle was built around 1230 on the site of a 3rd century fortress and later became a stronghold of the Karamanoglu emirs.
The mosque and two rooms overlooking the sea from the upper battlements were added in 1300. After this it changed hands several times until the Ottomans seized it in the 14th century and kept it in good repair until their empire finally collapsed.

Travelling to this area is best by car or bus from the main bus station in Alanya. It is probably advisable to wear good walking shoes. There are restaurants and hotels in and around these sights.