Mini-guide to the beaches of Alanya

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For a newly arrived tourist there are many things that may seem different and confusing. This may also apply to the beaches of Alanya.
The two main beaches in the city are naturally separated into an eastern and western part by the 250 metre high promontory.
For inexplicable reasons the eastern beach has several names and is therefore normally only referred to as the Eastern beach.
The western beach of Alanya is named after Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.
Both the Eastern and Cleopatra beaches offer a large number of activities and are full of activity and happy people all day.
The cost of renting 2 sunbeds and 1 sunshade is the same at both beaches, around 4 euro. There is no need to reserve or order these in advance.
As a guest on the beach you just lie down on a sunbed and shortly after a ”beach-boy” will come to collect your payment. It is also possible to buy food and drink.
The beaches of Alanya are divided into approximately 20 smaller areas that are controlled by a hotel or a local owner. Often each area will have a small sign that tells you what number their beach is.
As a tourist there is no need to worry about this.