Cycling: Tour of Turkey

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A popular and annual event in Alanya is the bike race "Tour of Turkey" and every year the week long race gathers some of the worlds best teams and riders.

Mostly the race starts in Alanya and ends in Istanbul. After the first stages in Alanya the race then continues towards Istanbul via the hilly and scenic coastal line, making the race not only extremely spectacular but also quite challenging.

The start itself in Alanya is pretty flat though and the stage is mostly decided in a bunch sprint finish taking place on the coupled sections of the main street making the final meters both spectacular and often pretty dramatic.

The race gives everyone an unique chance of getting close to some of the best riders in the world and the experience the unique atmosphere surrounding all bicycle races.


These guys are fast and even faster than you think. If you are so lucky to be in Alanya during this event this is a MUST SEE no matter what. Forget all about the beach, pool and possible hang over.