Cleaning Up Operation

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The main influx of tourists arrives in Alanya from the month of May onwards. It is essential then that all the streets, beaches, shops, restaurants and bars are ready for them. So the great refurbishment and clean up operation begins around the end of March/April.

On the beaches, the personnel have to clear up after the ravages of the winter, when the waves deposit flotsam and jetsam on the beach, whilst at the same time sucking sand back out to sea.

For many years the clear up operation was done by hand using improvised tools for shovelling and sifting the sand. Nowadays thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the job is done by special beach cleaning vehicles. This obviously saves a lot of time and back breaking work. Each year, sand has to be imported to make up for the winter loss. This is usually done about mid-May, by which time most of the torrential rain and storms have ceased.

The restaurants, discotheques and bars are also a frenzy of activity with walls being torn down and flooring being improved. It is felt essential that these places are modernised every year to keep up with the latest trends. Table and seat covers have to be replaced due to fading caused by the sun’s rays during the height of the summer.

Amazingly all is usually ready by the time the new season starts!