Alanya Town

This new landmark of Alanya offers amazing views from the seaside to both Alanya castle, the Red Tower, the harbor ar

Even that Turkey is a real "tea-drinkers" country also a lot of coffee is consumed.

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Kleopatra/ Damlatas beach is situated on the western side of the peninsula which splits Alanya into two.

Alanya’s eastern beach starts at the Alanya peninsula and continues for about 40 km east towards the provincial town

The shipyard, consisting of five docks and constructed in 1226 by the Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, is 56 metres long and

The Statue of Sultan Keykubat stands at the western approaches of Alanya and is one of the first sights greeting the

As in all other Turkish towns, the main street in Alanya is named after the country’s first president Mustafa Kemal A

After battling for five years, Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat finally conquered Alanya and had The Red Tower built primaril