Why go diving in Alanya?

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Alanya is so much more than just the cosy streets of the bazaar, a throbbing nightlife and a beautiful landscape.
The city of Alanya’s wonderful position right on the Turkish Mediterranean coast gives unique opportunities for numerous activities, not least when it comes to water sports.
One to be most recommended is diving.
Though not able to measure up to the underwater flora of the Red Sea, for example, the Mediterranean still contains many challenges for all divers, experienced as well as beginners. This is possiblely due to the large range of dives that is available in many different price categories. As a general rule diving in Turkey is less expensive than similar types of dives in the countries of Northern Europe.
The environment in Alanya is ideal for a great diving experience. Almost all of the dives take place near the magnificent Alanya Rock, which divides Alanya into an Eastern and Western part. The Rock provides a home to many different plants and fish and this helps to make diving very exiting. An opportunity for the more experienced diver is deep-sea diving.
An extra benefit for you is that no matter which type of dive you choose, it is possible to do it all year round.
The safety of the dives is also good. Professional instructors, with a good knowledge of foreign languages such as English and German, and modern equipment included in the diving price will ensure that your diving experience in Alanya will be a good one.
So whether you have been diving many times before or you are trying it for the first time, diving in Alanya will be a challenge. This will without a doubt bring you many fantastic memories and one of the very best experiences of your holiday.