Mountain biking in Alanya

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There are lots of opportunities for having an active holiday in Alanya and to go mountain biking is certainly one of them as the Taurus Mountains, with 3,000 metre peaks, are so accessible. It does not matter if it is only to spend a few pleasant hours with the family at one of Alanya’s beautiful rivers or in preparation for serious competitions like the European Mountain Bike tour, the terrain around Alanya has what it takes.

The quality of the roads varies from good asphalt along the coast to road conditions of all kinds. In the mountains you will find everything from dirt roads to small trails where good cycling technique is a must. For those wanting to go downhill only there are also possibilities but, since transport to the top is problematic, it could be difficult.

When you are mountain biking in the mountains the local people are always welcoming but do not expect them to understand what you are doing!

Remember that intense training in June, July and August cannot be recommended due to the high temperatures. Always carry with you two bottles of water and refill them at the mountain springs which you will see everywhere.

For normal cyclists less demanding trips in the beautiful countryside are recommended. For example it is possible to join trips to local Turkish villages where tourism has not yet affected everyday life. All you require is to be in reasonable physical condition!
As an ordinary means of transport the bicycle can also be recommended.
The highlight of the year is the annual Alanya International Mountain Bike Cup which usually takes place the second Sunday in October and has participants from all over the world.
The race is held in good spirit and follows a most beautiful route around Alanya castle. The prize money is US$10,000 in total.
The race however is not only for professionals, amateur riders can participate. A bicycle licence is required.