5 great activities for kids on a rainy day in Alanya

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Even that most advertisement about Alanya claims the opposite the sun does actually not shine all the time.

Yes, we know. It might come as a shocking surprise but at times we do get both rainy, grey, stormy and windy days in Alanya.
The big question is what to do when the sun decides to take a break.

Especially kids can be very unpatient and hard to entertain when outdoor activities are limited. We have therefor made a list of 5 great activities for kids on a rainy day in Alanya.

Number 1 - Play the flipper machine

All kids loves game lands and luckily one is to be found in the shopping center "ALANYUM" easy accesible on the 35 meter road in Cikcilli.
The 3 storey shopping center has a foot court and gameland on the topfloor. Here you will find all kinds of arcade games, flipper machines, air hockey and other entertaining games and activities for kids of all ages.

Number 2 - Eat some pop corn

There are several cinemas in Alanya showing both foreign and Turkish movies. So on a rainy day catching a movie is definitely a great idea. Just be aware that some movies are dubbed, while others run in original language with Turkish subtitles.
For a list of cinemas and what is showing check out this link: www.orneksinemalari.com

Number 3 - Be cultural

Admitted, this one might not be exactly what your kids would love to do. So we recommend making them accept it by promising pizza and cola afterwards.
Because for this third idea we want you to visit the archaeological museum of Alanya, which is situated close to the waterpark in the city center at the Damlatas Cave area.
This museum has a small but fine indoor collection that is worth a visit.

Number 4 - strike

Go bowling - as simple as that. Alanya Universal Bowling center is situated in Tosmur just behind the Koctas building market and besides bowling you can entertain your self with pool billiard, air hockey or just grab some food and drinks while you plan out your next strike.

Number 5 - road rage

Just out of the city on the Kestel-side of the Dim River you will find an indoor go-cart circuit. This is great fun for the older part of the family.
Just remember to drive carefully and take care of each other. May the best driver win :-)

So a rainy day in Alanya does not have to mean less fun - just a little less sun.