3 beaches that you have probably NOT been to

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In and around Alanya you will find several beaches. But even the selection is rather wide, we often tend to go back to the same beach time after time.
We have therefor carefully selected these three beaches that all are within close distance to Alanya, but that you have most likely never been to.

All of these beaches has that little something that makes them special and worth a visit. So next time you pack your beach gear and prepare for a day in the sun, consider trying out a new beach.

Iotap Beach

Iotap beach is located east of Alanya between the ruins of the ancient city Iotap and is fairly easy to find on the old main road between Demirtas and Gazipasa. A small car park makes parking easy and the beach itself is accessed via the ruins of Iotap.
When you have had enough sun use the opportunity to explore the old ruins that are seen all around the area.

Avsallar/ Incekum, picnic, beach and forest

This beach is situated in the forest and the picnic area between Avsallar and Incekum. So pack your BBQ and food basket and enjoy a real picnic with the locals.
A small entrance fee is paid in order to enter the forest/ picnic area but then benches as well as shower- and toilet facilities are free to use.

The beach at the Red Tower

This beach you have probably seen several times, but have you ever actually been at it? Enter the water from just below the Red Tower and take a swim to the ancient shipyard just a few hundred meters further on.
A swim that will bring you that close to authentic and antique historical sights are found only a few places in the work, Alanya being one of them.
With a little luck - no promises given - you might be welcomed by some of the turtles that tend to be present in the small bay between the Red Tower and the shipyard.