A popular and annual event in Alanya is the bike race "Tour of Turkey" and every year the week long race gathers some

In and around Alanya you will find several beaches.

Luckily Alanya is an amazing place to ride your bike.

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Don’t fancy the idea of a package holiday? Want to stay longer than a week or two?

There are lots of opportunities for having an active holiday in Alanya and to go mountain biking is certainly one of

In Alanya there are many rafting trips on offer.

Boats departed from Alanya with the course set for places like Egypt and Cyprus.

Coffee is an integral part of Turkish culture and customs since already the Ottoman days.

Anatolia is meant to be one of the 2-3 countries of the wine in fact.

Turkey is the cheapest place in Europe when you as a tourist buy groceries in a supermarket, writes the Danish newspa

Lomamatkat Oy kuuluu pohjoismaiseen Primera Travel Group matkanjärjestäjäkonserniin, joka toimii Islannin lisäksi Ruo