The official name of Turkey is Turkiye Cumhuriyeti and the country has been a republic since 1923 with a president an

Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 after the former military attaché and general Mustafa Kemal had lead the Turkish ar

Wild animals: Brown bears, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, foxes and many more are found here.

Aspendos theatre built in 24 AD, is one of the worlds best preserved amphitheatres.

The old name for the Antalya region was Pamphylia which is ancient Greek for the land of all tribes.

The reason the Turkish military chose to step into the political arena and perform a military coup three times in 30

Political Survey from 1922 until today:

1919-?: The start of a Modern Society:

The real power lies with parliament while the formal power is to be found with the president.

In Turkey there are around 10 important holidays or celebrations.

There is a reason for Turkey being nicknamed the gateway to the East.

It is believed that Perge was established by the Greeks, who settled along the Anatolian coast after conquering Troy