When travelling to Turkey it is highly recommended that you buy leather goods.

The warm weather in the Mediterranean coastline enables a pleasant golfing so Antalya region became one of the world’

Bey Mountains are the extended part of the Taurus mountains, ranging from north to south parallel to the Antalya Gulf

Humans discovered tobacco long before Jesus Christos was born.

Are you considering buying an apartment in Turkey?

Sertab Erener is a popular Turkish singer who won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest for Turkey with her song ‘Everyway

I 2003 blev det muligt for udlændinge at købe ejendom i Tyrkiet.

Har du brug for rådgivning i eller om Tyrkiet?

Dalyan (translated means FISH TRAP) is a small fishing town situated on the riverside close to the Mediterranean sea.

Ephesus is known to be the one of the Ancient Wonders of the World and is the best preserved ancient city in the East

Awarded by the Swedish Academy for the most outstanding work for producing a novel with realistic tendency, 2006’s li

Ancient times: 7000 BC – 130 BC: