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One of the pioneers in Hua Hin, Mike & Co Tailor has come a long way rich experience. The company’s concept is “a suit is not just fabric that covers the body but also the interface that reflects the personality of the wearer. Utmost care and an eye for the detail makes the difference. This is the reputation that has gradually elevated Mike & Co Tailor to be known and accepted by customers world-wide and the price being affordable makes it worth a try, even for first timers.
The vision of Mike & Co
Tailor is to offer it’s service in tailor made clothes and make it affordable
for everyone. In the West tailor made suits and luxury and beyond the reach of average people. Our goal is to be in reach for everybody. To make tailor made suits for the general people and at the same keeping the standard and quality of a master tailor but most of all is to make it affordable to everyone. All our clothes are made for specific individual and reflect the personality of the wearer. Visiting us would give you the completion in all ways you would expect from an experience Master Tailor and get yourself the “Ultimate Masterpiece”  at
an unbelievable price.
Knowledge Base:
The information ranging from
difference in fabrics such as Cashmere Wool, Silk, Cotton etc, significance of
each element on a suit and how to recognize a good suit is honestly briefed to
the customers. The art of tailoring, whether for ladies or men and hand made
stitching for fittings, can only be done, if one has an in-house Master Tailor,
who not only has experience but has in-depth knowledge in tailoring. The Master
Tailor has passion and an eye for details and the process is followed by
original tailoring style where all fitting are done hand made on the body and
adjusted  according to the figure. The whole process and experience of fitting
till the end will make you elated and convinced that this is the ultimate
tailoring experience.
Work Shop:
Mike & Co Tailor is the only
in Hua Hin with In-House tailoring facilities. A professional team is led by Mr.
Prateep, a master tailor himself who’s career as a tailor began some 30 years
ago and who has served many VIP’s in Thailand. Now a permanent resident at Mike
& Co Tailor, it’s a privilege for our clients to have their suits tailored by
our MASTER TAILOR. All items from suits ladies fashion clothes are processed
in-house under expert supervision. Our ultimate aim is to deliver what our
customers want.




18/1 Naebkhehart Road

Phone number: 

+66 (0) 32 531 155-6

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