Thai cooking course

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With the massive growth in tourism to Thailand over the last decade, legions of visitors have developed a love of traditional Thai cuisine and taken it back to their home countries. The fiery spices and uniquely addictive tastes of Thai food have become a firm favorite with a generation of food lovers whose previous knowledge of Asian cuisine mostly expanded to a few Chinese or Indian dishes.
To cater for this massive interest in Thai cuisine, the last few years have seen an explosion in the number of Thai restaurants worldwide. In certain countries there seems to be a Thai restaurant on every high street. Even pubs and bars in places like the United Kingdom now favor offering Thai cuisine. Of course, with limited numbers of Thais living overseas, demand for people able to cook traditional Thai cuisine has far outstripped demand. Catering professionals from every corner of the globe now descend on Thailand to sit alongside holidaymakers taking a variety of Thai cookery courses.
Whether it is a half-day introduction, a weeklong course of substance, or a full fledged professional course leading to a certificate or some other form of qualification, Thailand now has a cookery course to cater for any need – all in English, and all delivered by experts, and all turning you into an expert in Thai cuisine! Below are some of the offerings currently available that give visitors an insight into the intricacies of Thai cooking:
Dusit Thani Hotel
Learn the art of preparing Thai cuisine at one of Bangkok’s most sophisticated restaurants – Benjarong. Classes are presented by the restaurant’s head chef who shows you how to prepare dishes on the Dusit Thani’s menu.
The Oriental Hotel
The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok is consistently voted amongst the top 10 hotels in the world. One the reasons are its excellent food. A natural extension of its kitchens, the Oriental now has its own Thai cooking school. The school offers a four-day English-language cooking course with a “watch and learn” methodology, emphasizing demonstration followed by hands-on experience of preparing a Thai dish.
Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant
Located in the heart of Bangkok opposite the Surasak Sky train station, the Blue Elephant Cooking School has fully equipped facilities offering you the chance to put your hand to practicing Thai Cuisine. A typical day will commence with a visit to the morning market. Accompanied by our instructor, you will learn to select and buy Thai ingredients for your personal cooking lesson.