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We are one of the most experienced real estate agents in our respective areas specialized in offering holiday apartme

It has become quite an attractive proposition to buy property in Turkey.

Your own property on the Aegean coast in Turkey is not just a good investment but could also be your ‘second base’ fo

Hvis du har lyst til at bo tæt på Middelhavet ved den tyrkiske sydkyst og samtidig sætter dig grundigt ind i markedet

Turkey is a beautiful, divine, exciting country full of opportunities.

Står du og har brug for et elevatorfirma er Sinel Asansör et godt valg.

When you as a tourist arrive in Alanya you might wonder why there are so many half finished buildings in the area – b

Villa is located only minutes from town

100.000 danes have given their marks to their holiday resort.

Are you considering buying an apartment in Turkey?

Beyaz Insurance Agency is established in 1995.

I 2003 blev det muligt for udlændinge at købe ejendom i Tyrkiet.