The Dim River flows from the highlands in Konya about 200 kilometres southwards before it meets the Mediterranean Se

About 25 kilometres north of Alanya is the mountain village of Güzelbag and about 6 kilometres further up a narrow ro

Immediately behind Alanya the Taurus Mountains rise to a peak of 3,500 metres.

This ancient Psidian city, now in ruins, lies 1,000 metres up in the Taurus Mountains about 35 kilometres inland from

A daytrip to the island of Kos is definitely worth considering as a supplement to the holiday on the main land.

The town of Iotap dates back to 40BC and is named after King Antiochus’ wife.

One of the most interesting but unfortunately often forgotten sights of the Alanya area is Alara Castle near the town

Labranda was a Carian city. Set into a steep hillside in an area that supplied Mylasa with its water.

Built in the 5th Century B.C.

Situated 10km from Milas, possibly once connected to this city, lies the ruins of Euromos (meaning STRONG) also known

Departing from Bodrum’s harbour in the morning. The hydrofoil takes just 2 hours to Rhodes.

One of the many sights overlooking Bodrum are the windmills.