Destination Guide

Controversial writer who besides from his skills with his pen also took an interest in the Kurdish problem and sharpl

The area of Turkey constitutes 780.000 km2 and the country is therefore as large as Germany and United Kingdom togeth

Well known social democrat who was forced to flee Turkey in 1980, after the government of the day was overthrown by t

Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 after the former military attaché and general Mustafa Kemal had lead the Turkish ar

Wild animals: Brown bears, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, foxes and many more are found here.

Almost all Turks profess to follow the teachings of Islam which may be regarded more as a way of living than a religi

The official name of Turkey is Turkiye Cumhuriyeti and the country has been a republic since 1923 with a president an

In Turkey there are around 10 important holidays or celebrations.

When books are written it is not all towns that can brag of having pirates, queens and great war lords as main charac

There is a reason for Turkey being nicknamed the gateway to the East.

The real power lies with parliament while the formal power is to be found with the president.

1919-?: The start of a Modern Society: