Destination Guide

If you think that Bodrum is just a place for a lively kind of holiday then think again.

Turkbuku may not be a place that people are familiar with, but we are proud to announce that it is situated in the Tu

Awarded by the Swedish Academy for the most outstanding work for producing a novel with realistic tendency, 2006’s li

Ancient times: 7000 BC – 130 BC:

There are now many foreign residents in the tourist areas of Turkey and it is not always easy to acquire the correct

Another first for Alanya! The setting up of a Foreign Residents Committee.

The PTT is the place most recommended for changing money in Alanya.

Although the first holidaymakers visited Alanya as early as the mid 1920’s you have to wait until after World War II

This text about Hakan Sükür was written by Adem Dogan who is a member of Galatasaray’s fan club Ultraslan.

The Turkish mystic created the brotherhood of the whirling dervishes.

Turkey’s most famous pop-idol was born in Germany in 1972. He stayed there until he was 16 years old.